Brand Colors

Color Codes

Primary Color: Blue

Pantone 540 U/UP
C87, M74, Y36, K23
Hex #334567

Accent Color: Gold

Pantone 459 U/UP
C11, M18, Y69, K0
Hex #E6C96D

Secondary Color: Red

Pantone 201 U/UP
C29, M82, Y70, K21
Hex #984242

Background Color: White

Pantone N/A
C0, M0, Y0, K0

Color Meanings

The blue used for the primary color represents knowledge, Mary, and philosophy.

The red used as a secondary color and for text in the logo represents the martyrs, passion, and theology.

The gold used as an accent color represents quality and value.

Color Usage

When only one color is used, it should be the primary blue. If color is not available black is acceptable.

With text alone (when the logo is not present), the only color used is blue.