Holy Apostles Messaging

A Catholic Education In Reach

We believe an authentically Catholic education should be available to everyone.

That belief drives our mission to provide the highest quality academics in a way that is convenient and affordable.

Our Story

We were doing “distance education” before it was mainstream. In a way, we are really trailblazers. In fact we started with VHS tapes and were one of the first to start using online classes.

Now, we serve students all over the world to get a degree when they thought it was impossible. We believe that you should be able to have the experience of a quality Catholic education, regardless of where you live, the job you have, or the time available to you. Holy Apostles is a game changer. We can help ​you ​make ​your ​dream ​come ​true.

Brand Perception & Communication

Holy ​Apostles ​is ​a ​unique ​blend ​of ​the traditional and modern. The ​brand ​should ​balance elegance with novelty. ​It ​should retain ​a ​sense ​of class ​and ​quality, ​while ​at ​the ​same ​time communicate ​being open ​and ​accessible.

The Ideal Student

We are looking for people in love with their faith. Our students want to make an impact and grow as a person, but often feel limited by time and/or money. They are dedicated to living this faith in their family or in ​the ​workplace–both ​as ​full ​time ​ministers ​and ​in ​secular ​jobs.

What We Do

Unique Selling Point

Only Holy Apostles offers a quality, truly Catholic education that’s also ​accessible.

Some institutions offer a good education, many call themselves Catholic, and a few are affordable or convenient. However, there is only one place where you can have it all.

What We Offer

Although our main service is education, we are really providing people with much more: a means to evangelize, a thoroughly Catholic understanding of the world, personal fulfillment, or a better job.

Through education, Holy Apostles is in the business of changing the world–one person at a time.