Your Free Polo Shirt!

Polo ShirtFr. Mosey has very generously offered a free shirt for all on campus staff / faculty. Any remote staff / faculty can get their shirt at 50% off. For everyone else who wants to preorder can save $5.00. Shirts will be finished in the next few weeks.


This offer is only good till May 25th, so place your order on our online store.

  • On campus staff / faculty should use coupon code campus521 and make sure to select “Pickup On Campus” for their shipping option.
  • Remote staff / faculty should use coupon code remote212 and we will ship the shirt to you directly.

Supporting our Faculty

Do you have news of a recent publication or conference we can promote for you? 

In an effort to support and celebrate our gifted community and communicate PR announcements, the marketing team will be publishing a monthly PR Newsletter on the 1st Friday of each month. The newsletter will include, but not be limited to: new publications, speaking engagements, events, and awards.

Any submissions must be sent through support requests on the marketing website. Make sure to select the “Press Release” option.

All submissions must be submitted 1 week prior to the 1st (typically the 23rd or 24th of each month).


As you can probably tell, we are launching a new brand for Holy Apostles. We are excited to make that available to everyone now. We are busy getting all the new materials ready, and will officially roll this out to the public in March.

You can see an overview of the new logo, colors, messaging, and fonts on our this branding website. Please take some time to become familiar with the new messaging. We need everyone’s participation to make the new brand identity successful.

Part of the new branding is to refer to the institution as simply “Holy Apostles.” Most of us do this anyway, but we will no longer use “College and Seminary” in official communications.

There will be many documents and digital files that need to be updated by March, and we are here to help make this happen. In order to support you better, we created an easy to use page where you can request marketing support. If you need print material, a digital file updated, some strategic help, etc. please send a note by using:

New Video

We NEED your help! After hundreds of hours and months of work, we are ready to release our new promotional video. In order to have a successful launch, we are asking all faculty and staff to promote the video through email and social media.

Please Share our YouTube Video and Facebook Post